Week 1 Term 2 Holidays soooo glad its school holidays

You may think me crazy but school holidays are actually easier than during term for us. Less commitments, no rushing around been school, appointments and activities. Last week we didn’t even manage to sit at the table together once for a meal, it was that crazy.

This week my fridge is already bursting at the seams with ingredients so it’s really a look and see what is already on hand and meal plan from there.

Here is what we have come up with (our meal plan starts on a sunday):

  • Skinnymixers Chilli Con Carne (chicken sub for me) burrito bowls also with Skinnymixers Mexican Red Rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream, avocado, Skinnymixers Chipotle Salsa (my all time favourite sauce that I bulk make and freeze off in ice cubes for quick additions to meals) for some kick and Skinnymixers Sticky Date Puddings for a weekend dessert.

  • Jacket Potatoes (mix of sweet potato and white potato to use up) with leftover Con Carne and Skinnymixers Appleslaw

  • Chicken Schnitzels and leftover Apple Slaw. I’ll be crumbing some chicken breasts with panko crumbs or a nut/seed based crumb and airfrying.

  • Ricotta Gnocchi with Skinnymixers Pasta Alla Norma. This is my 7 year old’s current favourite meal so I premake the gnocchi and freeze off ready to go for quick meals. the Alla Norma sauce is also portioned out into 4 containers and frozen off. I just put into the fridge a day or two before needing to use it.

  • Skinnymixers Chorizo Stew & additional vegetables, maybe mash and some steamed greens - see what the fridge holds at this stage of the week - we’ll eat this over two nights

  • Skinnymixers Chicken Pot Pies, Roast Vegetables & Apple Crumble with Custard for a weekend dessert plus a glut of apples in my fridge. The chicken pot pies is a great one to make ahead and freeze. You can top with mash or pastry, we’ll be popping into pastry for mini pies with some roasted veg. My apple crumble is a wing it style one where I stewed apples and if I have random pears to use up they go in there too with a touch of cinnamon. Sometimes I peel but mostly not. I then top with the crumble topping based on Quirky Cooking’s Apple & Berry Crumble for her first book and some thermomix custard tweaked with less sugar, sub some cream in and thicken with arrowroot instead of cornflour.

Any leftovers get packaged up for other dinners or kids lunches on the holidays or my husband lunch box stash in the freezer. 3 day rule, eat or freeze within 3 days.