A week of meals prepped in 5 hours

Some of this weeks meals

Some of this weeks meals

Saturday came around again and I know that if I dont get prep done on the weekends I am behind the eight ball all week which causes late meals and added stress.

So in the morning I spent some quality couch time with a coffee working out a handful of meals to get me started for the week. Here is what I came up with:

After some freezer and fridge content analysing I also added the following meals plus some general prep:

Translated into a meal plan looks something like the below. The rest being snacks, breakfasts or lunches.

Pepperplate is a handy (and free) website & app to help assist with meal planning & shopping list.

So how did I whip through all this:

  • My morning was so leisurely (included a quick top up shop for a handful of ingredients) it was about 3pm before I donned the apron, so first I (well the husband) trimmed and prepped all the meal for me and while he did that I made the zucchini slice mix and got it into the oven. Whilst I had the oven in I put in some pumpkin to roast for the cheesey pumpkin puffs and capsicums. Made the granola and loaded up the dehydrator.

  • Next up I made the Middle Eastern Marinade stirred in the chicken and popped into the fridge. I defrosted some Chipotle Salsa from the freezer and stirred through some chicken and popped into the fridge also.

  • Next I whipped up the gnocchi, splitting into two portions and freezing (before the cooking bit) and made the pancake mixture. Whilst I was cooking the pancakes I started a new bottle of Vanilla Extract. My old bottle was running out and I had almost been topping it up for 3 years so time to move onto some new beans. I also did the cheesey puff mix and let that firm up/sit until after dinner.

  • Getting on I better get some food on the table so I got the Quirky Paprika going opting for the paleo/gaps version which is cauli mash instead of rice. Once that was on I portioned, bagged the marinating chicken and froze off anything that wasn't going to be eaten the next day.

  • After dinner I did a double batch of the Rendang sauce as it's a long cook sauce. Whilst this was cooking I cooked the cheesey pumpkin puffs. Once the sauce was finished I split into two glass jars and put in the fridge overnight. Next morning I froze both jar of sauce. One was then pulled out tuesday night along with the gravy beef ready for a day of slow cooking.

  • Pulled the granola from the dehydrator and jarred that as well for snacks and breakfasts.  Cheesey puffs had cooled so put the in a container for snacks.

During the week:

  • So all I've had to do during the week is pull out the meal required in the morning or night before defrosting in the fridge and cook up some veg to go with the meals. Too easy! 

Final tidbits:

  • Help - I enlist Miss 7 to give me a hand if she's in the mood. She's best prepping veggies and measuring out spices, or any recipe that are add to jug and blitz (ie marinades). When I'm not under the pump or in 'let's get this done' mode she does do full recipes.
  • Bulk cooking veggies - when we just need to add some veggie sides I bulk do them so they last a couple dinners and even stretch to lunches as well.
  • Leftovers - if there are leftover we use them for lunches, the following nights meal or freeze off for the husband's lunch stash.
  • Freezing - you can pretty much freeze everything.