What's Cooking

My fridges and freezers are officially chokers! (and pantry isnt far off either).

This week I'm meal planning based on what's in my fridge and freezer. Feeling some more vegetarian meals as I'm a bit over meat at the moment.

So what's on the list:

  • Green smoothies for breakfast
  • Pumpkin soup (roasted up half a jap pumpkin and added in garlic, onlon, 1 sweet potato, vegetable stock paste, some fresh coriander = a family favourite) 
  • Vegie Chilli with quinoa
  • Stirfry vegies, steak (for kids and hubby) and steamed chicken for me with a garlic butter mushroom sauce
  • Vegan quinoa patties
  • Spelt bread pizzas (recipe from Quirky book) with tomato & cheese (the simple things)
  • Caulirositto
  • Paleo "Cheesy" crackers (nut free)
  • Feeling a raw slice (maybe mint or caramel) coming on

And will be checking out Quirky Cooking for inspirations with whats left after that.

"Cheesy" Crackers

Vegie Chilli & Quinoa