Chai spiced stewed apples

We have an abundance of apples now from our weekly fruit and vegie boxes since apples are currently in season. So this weekend is about ways to utilise the apples in some cooking, baking and freezer goods. 

This is a simple variation of my stewed cinnamon apples. Enjoy!


  • 5 green apples, cored and quartered (or whatever apples you need to use up)
  • 100 grams coconut water
  • 1 teaspoon chai powder (I've used skinnymixers vanilla chai powder)


  1. Place apples into TM bowl and chop 6 seconds speed 6.

  2. Add coconut water and chia powder and cook 10 mins 100 degrees, reverse, speed 1

  3. If would like it pureed - blend for 30 seconds gradually increasing speed up to 9

  4. Serve with topping of choice. I've used a heaped tablespoon of skinnymixers churros crumb


Eat it hot or cold. Top it will granola or muesli and yoghurt of coconut yoghurt. Could be breakfast, dessert or snack. Or for the kids lunch boxes.

Easily can be doubled - double all ingredients and add 5 minutes to cooking time or halved (reduce cooking time by 20%)

Portion up and freeze is also a good option.

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