Almond Milk


This is by no means an original concept but just how I make our Almond Milk :)

I make ours rather than buying it commercially as its super simple and I know exactly whats going into it (no nasties). 

I start by soaking 1 cup (140g) of almonds overnight (sometimes a couple days if I don't quiet get around to milking them). The next day I strain the nuts (discard the water) and put in the Thermomix (or blender) with 1400g (1.4 litre) of water and blend for 2 minutes on speed 9.

If you are short on time soaking is not a must milk can still be made by skipping this step. Its recommended to soak first to active your nuts to help remove phytic acid.

Then using a nut milk bag and a jug I pour in the nut milk and strain.

I keep my milk in reused passata bottles and store in the fridge 3-5 days (go by smell). The milk will settle and separate in the fridge but just give it a shake before using. You can also freeze off any leftovers in ice cube trays for smoothies or batch a smaller batch if you think it will go to waste.

There are plenty of recipes online for almond milk, some add sweeteners and other ingredients but I prefer to keep it simple as we use almond milk as an ingredients ie. smoothies, overnight oats etc. so it doesn't need any extras. 

Dont waste the almond pulp leftover from miking. I freeze mine off and once I have a bulk lot I dehydrate and mill into almond meal. There are recipes out there for using the pulp, tried a few but wasn't really a fan and most of the flavour has been extracted.

To dehydrate the pulp use a dehydrator as per your machines instructions or dehydrate in the oven on lowest temp until completely dry (approx 4-6 hours).

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