Gradual changes you can make for a Whole Home lifestyle

I've been thinking lately I really should document our Whole Home swaps we have made over the years. At the start it all seems overwhelming and you have no idea where to start. We have made gradual changes and looking back now we have come quite a way. So my aim to is add to this list weekly with some inspiration on small changes you can make to reduce your waste, plastic use or eco footprint.


Cling Wrap

I've been using HoneyBee Wrap Eco Food Wraps for the past couple of years in place of cling wrap for many items such as cut fruit (ie melons) or cut vegetables (ie. cabbages, pumpkins) and to cover bowls or items which I dont have lids for. You can purchase premade wraps or make your own. See how at The Inspired Little Pot  :)