Costco Shopping Trip

Costco has been in Melbourne for several years but the thought of driving into the city Docklands location and parking did not interest me at all. They have since opened one out at Ringwood a year or so ago so finally off a friend and I went to check it out.

I did my research beforehand by reading blogs and facebook pages such as Costco Mum and the reviews listed at the end of this post.

The tips they all give are:

  1. Do your research on pricing as not everything is cheaper than what you can get it on sale at the supermarkets
  2. Have a shopping list
  3. Make sure you have enough room in your car
  4. Make sure you have somewhere to store bulk goods at home before deciding to buy something in bulk. ie. 30 rolls of toilet paper
  5. BYO shopping bags
  6. Shop with friends so you can split some bulk buys ie. 12 mega rolls of paper towel
  7. Stocktake your pantry, freezer, fridge, bathrooms, laundries before you go so you know exactly what you do and don't need

Its a huge big warehouse, concrete and minimalist feel. Parking is free at Ringwood, grab yourself a trolley (bring a gold coin) and head on up. 

So what's at Costco?

Everything comes in bulk or multi packs. 

  • Cleaning & hygiene products
  • Pantry staples
  • Small organics range
  • Meat
  • Produce
  • Dairy
  • Frozen products
  • Party supplies
  • Clothing
  • White goods & appliances
  • Books
  • Giftcards
  • Alcohol in duty free sizes
  • And a whole bunch of random stuff

Some snippets from the Costco magazine above or click for the full magazine

How does Costco work?

  • Membership is $55 (business) or $60 (individual) annually
  • You can sign up online or in store
  • You then get a photographed card and need to bring to enter each time
  • You can bring 2 guest but you will need to purchase all goods (we had a trolley each and they allowed us to do it in 2 transactions) 
  • You cant just browse. You have to be a member to enter the warehouse. They will refund your membership if you're not satisfied

So what did I buy?

My original shopping list included:

  • Organics - coconut sugar, coconut oil & coconut flour
  • Eggs
  • Cream
  • Marys Gone Crackers
  • A list from another friend

What did I end up buying?

<<< You can see here I walked out with quiet a bit more than planned.

What will I buy next time that I didn't last time?

  • 100% pure maple syrup
  • Chia seeds

Prices & Savings

Here are some of the prices & savings I made: Wholefoods Comparison Chart

Check out Costco Mum's pricelists

Other reviews: